New ZINGWater Product Launches in Austin

// September 16th, 2009 // News, Projects

ZINGWater - Smart Energy

ZINGWater - Smart Energy

ZINGWater™ is a little project I’m working on with an old partner from back in the day. Austin is full of people who pay attention to what they put in their bodies – so why not get your energy boost from water?

Get hydrated and boosted at the same time.  Forget about the sugar & calorie laden energy drinks that taste like smack. And aren’t we a little old to be drinking Red Cow® from the can? I know it’s ‘natural’, but what exactly is Taurine anyways?

It’s already available in several outlets, so check out the web site for info. And yes, it tastes just like water. Distribution deals appear to be right around the corner. So as we like to say – Get your ZING on.

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