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Holy Mackerel – It’s King Daddy

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I really like how the simple packaging perfectly compliments the loud colors and crown logo for King Daddy’s identity. Yes, it’s a Caribbean product, and no, I didn’t design the packaging, I just photographed it. Nice picture, eh?

Cru Wine Bar Welcome’s Frog’s Leap Winery

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Frankly, the most enjoyable projects involve helping someone I care about. My brother-in-law called me on Friday as a last ditch effort to produce  a quick poster for one of his clients at The Domain. We got this poster finalized the next day and I got a few bottles of good vino in trade. Good deal all around I’d say.

Me Encanta Wordpress

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I haven’t transitioned away from WebYep entirely, but man do I like Wordpress! An old buddy of mine is doing a radio show on TheSource.FM 106.7 called Jimi’s Jam. He features local songwriters and musicians and the Austin music scene in general. With the help of a template, we were able to hammer out a very nice (and still unique) website to compliment his radio ‘personality’ in less than a week that includes a content management system and some dynamic functionality that we never dreamed of in the old days. Me encanta Wordpress mui mucho!

Karma the Flying Pit Bull

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Karma the Flying Pit BullKarma Disc - Hero Extra 235You know, it’s always good to have a mechanic in the family – but my Dad thinks it’s better to have an artist as a son. I recently worked out a little piece for Karma, his globetrotting Frisbee dog. She now has her own custom disc to shame the other dogs during competitions – kinda like Jordan with his first shoe – look out Nike!

Check out her blog for the latest contest videos and her own take on the disc dog lifestyle.

Hall of Heroes

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Every year, hundreds of businesses and individuals pour gifts into the foster care population in Texas. We take responsibility in recognizing these generous contributions through our Hall of Heroes. Presented here are some tidbits from the last 3 years of recognition.

Thanks to all the donors.

New ZINGWater Product Launches in Austin

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ZINGWater - Smart Energy

ZINGWater - Smart Energy

ZINGWater™ is a little project I’m working on with an old partner from back in the day. Austin is full of people who pay attention to what they put in their bodies – so why not get your energy boost from water?

Get hydrated and boosted at the same time.  Forget about the sugar & calorie laden energy drinks that taste like smack. And aren’t we a little old to be drinking Red Cow® from the can? I know it’s ‘natural’, but what exactly is Taurine anyways?

It’s already available in several outlets, so check out the web site for info. And yes, it tastes just like water. Distribution deals appear to be right around the corner. So as we like to say – Get your ZING on.

Selected Logos from the Vault

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ID work is perhaps the most challenging pursuit in commercial art. Express the essence of someone or something in a single mark – and furthermore, take into account practical considerations like how will the cost to reproduce it on letterhead, advertisements and your favorite tchotchke impact budgets?  Oh yeah, manage the client’s expectations along the way so they understand the value of a great logo. Conservative to Kooky – good logos should communicate something meaningful in a simple, endearing way.

CHRAKarmaDogJLong AutoworksWolverinesZINGWaterSummit

Raising Awareness for Foster Kids in Texas

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Are You Looking For Me?

Are You Looking For Me?

Did you know there are over 25 thousand foster kids in Texas? Of those, over 6.000 are free and waiting for adoption. Are You Looking For Me? is a campaign I developed to raise awareness for those children.

They range in age from 0 to 18 and live all over the state. In many cases the entire adoption process is subsidized by The State and the most it usually costs is $2k for legal fees. Some children qualify for Medicaid until they turn 18 and even free tuition to state colleges or trade schools. How about that?

If you have ever considered growing your family through adoption, these 6,000 kids deserve your consideration before you go overseas. Besides, adopting a 10 year old means you two can go fishing tomorrow! Think about it.

Blast from the Past

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Big FishI was digging through some old archives (amazing that I’ve never lost any files) and dug up some various pieces from my student portfolio. Nevermind what they were for – just some interesting visuals to consider. Throughout the centuries, art has always reflected the current religious, economical and political happenings. I have to wonder – what the heck was on my mind!?


Billboard Designs for Celebration Church

// November 18th, 2008 // Comments Off // Personal, Projects

Late in 2007 I was contracted for some work by Celebration Church in Georgetown. In addition to launching a web site and producing several literature pieces, I did more than 25 compositions for a billboard campaign. Here is a sampling of my favorite ones.